CCTV Systems & Access Control

Our expert engineers carry out a professionally accredited installation of your system and show you how you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.

CCTV Surveillance

installed across your property, capturing images for crime prevention or evidential purposes can be vital. The presence of a well-designed system, with cameras correctly positioned, can act as a deterrent to would be intruders

Cameras that can capture clear images day and night, using IR technologies to look deep into dark corners.

Recordings that can be view remotely and can be downloaded for evidential purposes.

Options for remote monitoring that can include audio responding to discourage or head off those suspicious moments likely to lead to crime.

Access Control

The ability to easily control the movement of people, assets or vehicles in and around your property should never be underestimated.

Access Control provides the ability to protect staff, assets and intellectual property.

Unlike old-fashioned methods such as a simple lock and key, an Access Control system provides both security and a record of events that have occurred. The flexibility of programming can tailor a system to your exactly requirements.

Whether its one building, an entire site or just for controlled zones, we can help install and maintain a high-quality Access Control system.

Typical applications may include:

  • Control over staff and visitor movement around a building or site
  • The controlled entry of personnel into secure areas, controlled or high-security areas
  • The movement of patients, staff and visitors around a care facility or hospital
  • Control of access in and out of car parks.