System Maintenance & Repairs

Choose a portfolio of routine inspections to keep your systems in first class condition.

In order to provide a reliable platform of protection, our range of fire and security systems need to be well cared for and well maintained.

Fire Alarms

In order to protect life and property, fire alarms must be well maintained to provide a reliable platform to detect and evacuate premises. These systems are normally maintained twice a year, unless the risk is deemed to require inspections more often.

Emergency Lighting 

Such systems are now required to be tested monthly by the client and annually by competent engineers. The annual drain test will require engineers to check the performance of the fittings and their suitability.


Portable Extinguishers require a monthly visual inspection by the client and annual service inspection by a competent engineer. These annual service inspections are supported by discharge tests at 5 and 10 years.

Intruder Alarms

Maintenance is required once or twice a year, dependent upon the security grading of the system. Most commercial buildings are Grade 2 or Grade 3, and this normally calls for at least 2 service inspection per annum. Some inspections can be performed remotely, and we can discuss if this is suitable for you.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Dependent on the risk profile, the normal approach will see one of our local engineers service and inspect these systems at least annually.

Scottish standards require two inspections per annum, where images may be used as evidence.

Repairs and break-downs might occur from time to time. Our national team is poised with the skills and knowledge to respond to interruptions of such protection and product failure. We can respond quickly and have your systems back online the same day.